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When all around you are zigging, we give you the insights to zag.

We help you zag right by turning insights into dollars.

Hi and welcome to ZagRight!

As our name suggests, we help organisations implement transformational change that delivers true business value. 

Of course, it’s been well documented how the majority of transformation projects fail to deliver their expected returns.  But rather than it being down to poor project execution, it’s usually caused by deficiencies in the upfront planning and decision-making process.


At ZagRight, we fix that problem by bringing accurate foresights to your planning process.  That way, you choose the right initiatives and projects every time; and therefore  secure the success of your transformation efforts.


LINQ - our unfair advantage.


A key enabler in our success is LINQ – an innovative software solution for business transformation planning and execution.

Before finding LINQ, we were ambivalent to the various solutions on the market.

However, fast-forward six short months and we are proud to be a dedicated global reseller of LINQ.

Now our focus is on providing the domain expertise and solution knowledge our clients need to leverage the full capability of LINQ and secure the success of their digital transformation initiatives.

We are also thought-leaders in the practical application of Infonomics, information asset valuation and building the digital twin of the organisation (DTO). 

With LINQ by our side, we are helping our customers plan & execute their digital transformation journeys with pace and certainty.

About LINQ.

LINQ helps business leaders who are losing sleep over authorising change they don’t understand, gain the knowledge they need to make evidence-based decisions faster than ever before and effectively communicate the impact on people, systems and finances across the business.


LINQ does this by creating the Digital Twin of the Organisation – the digital representation of how they operate. Opportunities to change and transform can then be modelled against the Digital Twin with insights into the impact of potential change being delivered through a series of dashboards.


With LINQ, decision makers can invest thousands of dollars to gain accurate knowledge about the impact of change before committing millions to undertake the change.


LINQ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution delivered as a web-native platform accessible from any modern browser.


The LINQ ontology can be applied to any organisation at any level of maturity or digitalisation and delivers results typically 10x faster than other methodologies within the change and transformation space.


To find out more, please visit the LINQ website.

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