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Process transformation in response to COVID-19

DocuVault use LINQ in their recovery against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The customer

The challenge

The solution

The benefits

The full story.

“With LINQ it only took us a day and a half to understand what we needed to do to improve our customer experience.”

After creating a Digital Twin of the process in LINQ, subject matter experts used the powerful dashboard capabilities within LINQ to identify areas for improvement. This analysis proved to stakeholders that the current way of doing things presented many challenges, including:

  • Too many touchpoints with the customer during sales and install process.

  • The current process for confirming serviceability is expensive, manual, and not scalable.

  • There are several opportunities to automate key processes that will significantly improve time to market.


LINQ was then used to simulate the desired future state, including automation and other improvements to the lead generation and delivery processes targeted to deliver annual operational cost savings of more than $1.1M.

Building on the successful evaluation of the VOIP process, Wow! is now modelling the sales and delivery processes for all product offerings, with the goal of driving non-emotional, factual and informed business decisions which will allow them to manage its on-going transformation in a competitive marketplace.

The DocuVault Story

Partnering with DocuVault, Greencastle assessed the roles and responsibilities of each employee. Additionally, the entire document storage process was built within the LINQ platform. Using LINQ’s digital twin of Docuvault’s process, the team was able to quickly identify areas for improvement. Knowing the current operational process is essential to understanding how the organization solves problems. Coupling LINQ with the stated business goals and the onsite assets, the Greencastle team mapped out a new process that leveraged the strengths of the organization and created a new way to store, retrieve and process records. Working with DocuVault’s leadership, a new process was implemented and reinforced to ensure success.

To increase the team’s accountability across the business, Greencastle and DocuVault identified new roles and implemented a new structure quickly. 

LINQ allowed the Greencastle team to build a digital copy of DocuVault’s processes to identify waste and inefficiency. Consequently, throughout the assessment process, Greencastle was able to model multiple version of potential future process based upon conversations with managers and employees. The ability to infinitely model a future state of the business identified duplicative steps, wasted movement and other inefficiencies much sooner than traditional approaches. 


Let's talk about your process transformation.

If you'd like to get a deeper understanding of how organisations like yours use LINQ to make better-faster transformation decisions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll walk you through some examples.

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