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What clients have to say about LINQ for process transformation...

“With LINQ it only took us a day and a half to understand what we needed to do to improve our customer experience.” 


— Jennifer Petit, WOW!

Process transformation examples.

LINQ is used by a wide variety of forward-looking organisations to steer them towards rock-solid process transformation opportunities that generate big business value, as opposed to 'hot air'.

Improving the customer experience in telecoms.


Vocus use LINQ to deliver a better customer experience; from first-contact to delivering the correct product or service in the best possible time. 


With LINQ, Vocus were able to recognise the true cost of wait time and then mitigate that time to deliver a better service. 

“LINQ delivers so much more than a process map. Identifying where change would add the most value has enabled us to get the entire business moving in the same direction to deliver real value to our customers more quickly.” 


Defining the ROI of cloud computing.


Rackspace use LINQ to help their customers capture the value of migrating to the cloud through a Managed Service provider. 


The models that Rackspace create with LINQ are then used by their customers to help them build their internal business case for a cloud migration.  

“LINQ has enabled us to better describe the value we deliver to our customers. It gives them the justification they need to bring changes to their IT strategy.” 



Maximising the value of data in the education sector.


TEC use LINQ to model the student's 'life journey' and the data requested and created throughout that journey.


The models that TEC creates using LINQ clearly highlight the opportunities for process transformation and data re-use.

“LINQ is being used in real-time during exploration and planning sessions to help describe and communicate the opportunity that exists once the data landscape is understood. This applies to all of government, not just the education sector.” 


Let's talk about your process transformation.

If you'd like to get a deeper understanding of how organisations like yours use LINQ to make better-faster transformation decisions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll walk you through some examples.

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