Digital transformation planning that puts your opportunities in plain sight. 

LINQ - beautifully simple, hugely effective.

Making your digital transformation strategy a success - where it delivers significant business value - can be hard.  But it's almost impossible if you set off in the wrong direction and then select the wrong solutions.


LINQ makes sure you don't make those mistakes and fail before you've even begun. 


With LINQ you'll prioritise your most valuable digital transformation opportunities and pick the right solutions every time. 

LINQ lends itself perfectly to some of the biggest challenges facing today's digital organisation.

Problem Analysis

Quickly define a problem (or opportunity) in a language that is objective and can be understood by everyone involved.   

Business Cases

Take the grind and guesswork out of building business cases with a solution that creates the key content for you. 

Information Governance

Capture and value your intangible assets (information, data, knowledge, etc..) so you can maximise their future return.  

Digital Transformation

Drive your transformation efforts with AS-IS and TO-BE models that are quicker to create and deliver significantly better insights. 

Solution Selection

Easily compare different potential transformation projects & solutions in order to select the ones with the best ROI every time. 

Cultural Alignment

Bring your people on the journey by relating everything back to what they really do, the value they create and how their roles will change.

Digital transformation modelling made easy.

Choose the right transformation projects & solutions by knowing their tangible value before you invest. 


Turbo-charge your sales by clearly defining the value of your solution in terms that your customers demand.


It doesn't matter whether you're investing in technology or selling it, it's always about defining its business value.

Business & IT Leaders

Solution Providers

LINQ is a Gartner Cool Vendor.

LINQ is 1 of only 5 companies globally to be named a Cool Vendor in Information Innovation by Gartner.

LINQ brings infonomics to life. 

By measuring, managing and monetizing information supply chains in business terms, LINQ shows you how to identify areas of new business value and eradicate the waste that arises from lost opportunities and inefficiencies.

“Being named one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors means that one must stand out from the crowd. But it also means doing something worth doing. Being a Cool Vendor is all about solving difficult problems.”

- Daryl Plummer, Vice President - Gartner

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