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LINQ gives digital transformation leaders the insights they need to succeed.

LINQ balanced scorecard for digital transformation

Give your digital transformation roadmap the certainty it needs.

The reason most digital transformation projects fail to deliver real business value and suffer from time and cost overruns, is usually nothing to do with how the projects themselves are managed. 


In fact, it’s down to mistakes in the upfront decision-making and planning process; things like:

  • Inability to prioritise the right initiatives based on tangible ROI.

  • Failing to capture requirements in a form that can be used for selecting the solution.

  • Excessive time & cost spent constructing business cases and running tenders.

  • Failing to accurately model cost, value and business outcomes.

  • Selecting the wrong solution once an initiative is prioritised.

  • Inability to communicate and embed change across the organisation.

The need for change.

Every organisation in every industry is now a digital organisation.  But what differentiates them is how effective they are at generating value from their digital assets like information and technology. 


Yet with the majority of technology projects failing to deliver their expected benefits, it's clear that most organisations need to change their approach.


For most, it's simply about having greater competence in the following areas: 

Digital transformation means putting your data in plain sight
  • Certainty in prioritising the best initiatives - based on value & outcomes. 

  • A better and more robust way of capturing the value of data and knowledge.

  • A common 'language' for comparing different types of initiatives side-by-side.

  • Accurately determining the ROI of a particular initiative before investing.

  • A better way of communicating and embedding change in the organisation. 

Create the Digital Twin of your Organisation.

LINQ first helps you to see how your people, processes and technology work together to create information & knowledge.  Then, it shows you how to capture the cost, value and outcomes of those critical 'assets' so you can see the issues and opportunities in plain sight.  

It's what Gartner describe as having a Digital Twin of your Organisation (DTO) that you use to make better decisions and gain the following advantages:   

  • Build better, faster business cases.

  • Know the ROI of potential transformation initiatives before you commit.

  • Prioritise your technology options based on objective criteria & measures.

  • Choose the solution that will deliver the best ROI.

  • Know the value of your data/information and how to make it more valuable.

Why not see for yourself how LINQ can help your digital transformation efforts deliver transformational results?

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