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LINQ helps technology solution providers close more deals.

Calculate the ROI of technology solutions

Is your value proposition missing the 'value' component?




the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

The truth is most technology providers can’t define the value of their solutions in the language that really matters – the language of business and value.


Instead they focus on incidental ‘features & functions’ in a half-baked attempt to differentiate themselves and demonstrate value. 


This, of course, would be fine if your economic buyer cared about such things - but they really don’t.  All they care about is how much value will your solution deliver and how much will it cost? 

If that sounds all too familiar to you, it's time you did something about it before your prospects nod off completely... 

It's time to focus on value & tangible benefits.

Old sales habits die hard.

Solution providers who can’t explain the business problems their solution solves and the value it generates, create a world of pain for themselves; namely:

  • Rely on selling ho-hum product features, as opposed to proving value.

  • Use price-discounting as their most powerful sales weapon.

  • Suffer from excruciatingly slow sales cycles.

  • Have very low sales productivity, conversation rates & forecast accuracy.

Prove the ROI of technology solutions with LINQ.j

It's hardly a new or contentious concept - that technology solution providers need to sell based on a clear articulation of the problems they solve and the value they deliver.

Yet here we are in 2020 - still seeing vendor-after-vendor trying to sell features & functions and wondering why they're not succeeding.


And then there's the winners like Rackspace who focus their marketing & sales efforts on demonstrating business value.  In doing so, they give their prospects the information they crave and, as a result, realise the following advantages: 

  • Increased close rates.

  • Shorter sales cycles.

  • Less price-discounting.

  • Increased sales productivity.

  • Greater average deal size.

  • More upsell & cross-sell opportunities.

Why not see for yourself how LINQ can help your marketing & sales?

Your prospects lack the time & dedication to build the business case for a solution like yours.


Why not do it for them and get a head-start on your competition?

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