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LINQ is transforming how organisations tackle process transformation. 

Digital transformation strategy planning software

Does your process transformation software answer these vital questions?

LINQ does.  And a whole lot more.


Yes, LINQ can model your processes 5x faster but it can also do a lot more.

Traditional modelling tools no longer meet the needs of today’s digital organisation where the majority of its value comes from intangible assets like knowledge, information and data.

To maximise the value of your digital transformation strategy, you need a modelling tool that brings your data & information into plain sight.


LINQ helps you maximise the value of your entire organisation by modelling how that value is created by your information, people, processes and technology.  And with such insights at your fingertips, you're finally empowered to focus on digital transformation initiatives that will increase your business value in the most cost-effective way. 

Digital transformation planning software with LINQ

Digital transformation modelling with LINQ.

LINQ business process modeling sotware

Eliminate operational waste

Easily identify process waste so you can cut costs and deliver a better customer experience.  

Create the digital twin of your organisation (DTO) with LINQ

Build your organisation's digital twin

Create the digital twin of your organisation (DTO) so you can easily simulate change.

Digital transformation planning with LINQ

Prioritise transformation opportunities

Clearly understand which initiatives offer the best return on investment (ROI).

Digital transformation strategy with LINQ software

Align your people with high-value activities

Share clear, evidence-based priorities so everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Chief Data Officer drives digital transformation

Wield your intangible assets

Bring your data & information into plain sight so you can put them to work for your organisation.

Information governance software from LINQ

 Improve your information governance efforts

Go beyond just talking about your data as an asset to actually valuing and treating it as one.

Our customers.

LINQ is used by a wide variety of businesses looking for a better way to plan their digital transformation strategy and maximise the business value generated from the resulting projects. 

Without LINQ, the process of understanding the value of the opportunity to transform our business would take up to 10 times longer…

- Phoebe Dunstan, VIX

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