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Digital transformation planning made easy.

Digital transformation strategy planning software

LINQ fuels for your digital transformation strategy.

LINQ is beautifully simple.

Using just four descriptors - Information, Action, System and People - LINQ can be used to describe how any organisation operates, in any domain, at any level of detail - and in a way that everyone can understand. 

Why use a modelling language that only a few specialists can understand when you can use the common-sense language of business?


Digital business transformation template
Prioritise your digital transformation initiatives with LINQ

LINQ is hugely effective.

LINQ's ease-of-use means you don't need specialist skills to model your digital business and you'll capture information 5x faster than you can with other modelling tools.

And then there's LINQ's ability to automatically turn your input into powerful insights - providing everything you need to prioritise your digital transformation initiatives and drive change.

LINQ is deeply engaging. 

LINQ gives you a deep understanding of what your people really do - where they spend their time, the processes they support and the value they add.


Having such information to hand makes it so much easier to communicate change and bring your people with you on your digital transformation journey.


Software to model the digital twin of your organisation (DTO)
Digital transformation maturity model

LINQ is highly insightful.

Unlike other modelling tools that leave you underwhelmed with static diagrams, LINQ gives you the actionable insights you need to make the right decisions.

With LINQ to guide you, there's no more kicking-off transformation initiatives before you know what the ROI looks like and what specific changes need to be made.

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